Borderless video with mplayer

mplayer borderless window
mplayer borderless window

Below is the command that will display borderless video with the mplayer. The command below is specific to mplayer only.

mplayer -noborder "video.mp4" -geometry 2%:98% -zoom -x 325 -y 190 -vf crop=1280:544:0:88

Here ‘-noborder’ option turns off the border of th window.

-geometry : place the video window in xoffset: 2%, yoffset: 98% from top

-zoom : resizes the actual movie size to 325×190

-vf crop= : option removes the black borders that appear in some video. This needs to be tweaked video to video.

Use -vf cropdetect to detect what needs to be used to crop the black borders

To keep video, ‘always on top’ click the video windowand then hit capital ‘T.’

Mplayer hint:
Aspect Ratio Calculator:

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