How to remove Keystroke delay in Ubuntu


I was having a very strange problem today in Ubuntu 10.04 (Lucid Lynx). All my keystrokes in keyboard were delayed. I am bit kind of touch typist and when I type I type a bit faster. My problem was none of the letters I typed were typed actually. I would have to hold a key to have it typed.

I backtracked all my works, my installation that I could remember of then suddently I found the solution, One of the option for press and hold keys (Fow Slow keys) was enabled. I unmarked that option and everything was back to normal.


1. Click System > Preference > Keyboard

2. Select Accessibility

Then tick mark         [x] Accessibility features can be toggled with keyboard shortcuts

If this is already marked, then you will get a icon in gnome-panel at right.

Open Universal Access Preference, Unmark the option that says
[ ] Press and hold keys to accept them (Slow Keys)

[How To] Get/Install PyDev in Eclipse editor.


1. Start Eclipse Editor

2. Click in Help > Install New Software

3.Then Click in Add and use the entries as shown below

Name : PyDev Eclipse

Location :

Add PyDev Eclipse Repository
Add PyDev Eclipse Repository

Click on Ok.

Then wait for few seconds, the list will be updated and you’ll be presented with two options

PyDev and PyDev Mylyn Integration(optional).

Select the upper one. Then click Next > Finish.

PyDev Eclipse Plugin Select
PyDev Eclipse Plugin Select

When asked to trust the certificate from Aptatna Tick the box next to it, then Eclipse will download the plugin.

Q. How to confirm plugin installation has succeed ?

A. Click File > New > Other

PyDev is also listed, that confirms the installation of PyDev has succced.

PyDev Installation Confirmation
PyDev Installation Confirmation

Have a nice day.