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[resolved] Cannot access /wp-admin or any other page after upgrade to 3.0 (23 posts)

If you are having the redirection loop problem while trying to access wp-admin then try this fix.

change the permission of wp-admin/index.php to 755.

If you have cpanel access then browse to file manager then browse to wp-admin. Then right click on index.php and then change permission and then uncheck Write checkbox

Right click index.php
Right click index.php

Change permission as shown in image below.
Change permissions

Save the changes, you have made and retry to access the wp-admin.

If this doesn’t work for you then you have to look for error_log file in the root of your public_html that should point you to the correct direction in solving this issue.

Comment Not Working

My comment form is not working, It always returns the ‘Please verify your comment’ Will fix that soon. I upgraded my wordpress3.0 to WordPress 3.1.1. and it simply solved my problem. Thanks to Darjo for informing me about the comment Link to Review.

Until then Uploading was real pain for me, it was breaking time to time and I had to resume it again. Thanks to net2ftp, It has got feature that lets us extract zipped file in server side, that was very handy for me.

Now you can use regular comment form for sending comments/feedbacks to me.

For comments and Feedback
Please email me in samundra {dot}shr {at} gmail {dot} com.

Thank you all for your support and feedbacks, expecting them more, keep them flowing.

[How To] Update .htaccess file manually

First of all you might wonder why there is period before the filename. In linux every file that begins with period are taken as hidden files and since .htaccess file is secret file it is hidden from everyone, as it seems to be. There’s nothing special on this.  Here I am going to write some ways of preventing direct access of files/folder by people in internet. I assume you have some experiences in cPanel. A little knowledge of cPanel would do. Now let’s get to the point.

There are times when you need to block some directories from direct access like


There are different ways of achieving this, Solutions such as

  • Using Cpanel → Password protect directories
  • Using  Cpanel → Create redirection
  • Upload blank index.htm (not so effective) to the directory you want to not have directory listing.

The solutions above ultimately create the .htaccess file which are put to the root directory of each directory which have some rule on them.

So, in .htaccess file we define some rule that tells the server to route the request for the particular url to some other urls relative to some base url. It’s same like changing the flow of water by using some pipes. Isn’t that simple ?

Sample .htaccess file contents

# BEGIN WordPress
<IfModule mod_rewrite.c>
RewriteEngine On
RewriteBase /
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-f
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-d
RewriteRule . /index.php [L]
# END WordPress

For References on Apache mod_rewrite.c, See the links below :

I am going to use the same mod_rewrite.c contents, that I have on my .htaccess file. You can use the same content if you want. This was the content generated by the wordpress plugin permalink. For this your server needs to have mod_rewrite.c enabled. Usually all servers have this enabled. If not you need to ask your web hosting provider.

Ok, you have .htaccess file. Now simply upload this file to the root of your website.

For example,

My domain name is /public_html/
then I will upload .htaccess →  /public_html/{.htaccess}

So, the final url looks like

Now, the last step remains to check if everything was setup as expected.

Create a simple post (test post ) on wordpress that should generate a nice permalink, just try to visit that url, if it works, you have everything working, if not you missed something.

Disadvantages of using Permalinks

Remember if you were to replicate the same wordpress contents to another site, then you’ll have to repeat all these steps on that server. If you forget to put .htaccess file to the root, which in most cases people forget to do, then all the url links are broken and you’ll get 404 Page Not Found error. So it’s always best to keep the .htaccess file and keep backup of it.

Correct me If I wrote something wrong or misguided people after all I am also a human being. Comments and feedbacks are always welcome.

Hope this explanation would be helpful to my friends.

[Solved] WordPress Visual Editor Not Working or Not Appearing

This might be due to the broken ftp upload. Well Mine was due to the broken ftp uploads due to slow internet connection. When I faced this problem I went for usual solutions like checking

  • If Visual Editor is Enable or not ( Users → Authors & Users )
  • Looking for options to enable Visual Editor ( User → Select user → uncheck mark Disable Visual Editor )

But those solutions didn’t seem to have any effect. Then I went for digging, as I was curious what might be the problem, when I compared my wordpress local folder tree for tinyMCE (Visual Editor Used for WordPress) I found that some folders and files were. I suspected if they were the problem. Then rather than using the FireFtp Addons for firefox I used the browser based FTP service, link is given below:

  • to upload my files which also supports zip upload and decompression

Once I uploaded all files, I just made confirmation that everything was ok, and came back to wordpress dashboard and Created New Post Voila !!! It was there tinyMce Working as expected.

Other problem that I notice was

Add/Edit Image Pop-up was not working in Add New Post.

This problem was due to the missing javascript files, which after uploading worked well. This problem usually happens when you are upgrading wordpress from lower version to newer version. So after upgrading we have to have make sure that everything is working as expected, and before going live its always better to have check it locally i.e. test in localhost.

I wrote made a little note here so that it might be helpful for other having the same problem. If you find it helpful you can help me too by click on the link above where it says ads by google.

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