Happy Dashain and Tihar to all Hindus


Happy Dahsain and Tihar to all my visitors. If you don’t know what is Dashain, It’s the biggest festival for Nepalese and all Hindus. During Dashain, we have traditions of wearing new clothes, eating sweets and exchanging and sharing our joys, happiness with our friends, family members.

Those family members who are out of country too, visit home for only this Day, it’s kind of opportunity for gathering and enjoying in community. We really enjoy Dashain a lot.

Wish you again a very Happy Dahsain and tihar.

10/10/10, Just Remembrance


I posted this article, just to make sure that it was the day 10.10/10 (October 10, 2010) and I don’t want to miss the article on this day.

This day comes after each 10 years, and I can’t wait that much day, to make this post.

[How To] Reset Firefox Master Password


I recenlty forgot my firefox Master password and searched for process to recover/reset the master password and found this solution to reset it.

Note: Upon resetting, you will lose all the stored information in the Password Manager, as this is a built-in security feature to prevent people from simply resetting your Master Password to gain access to your passwords.

In the firefox Addressbar


press the “Enter” key and click “Reset”.

Hope this helps someone.

Referenced From : ‘http://kb.mozillazine.org/Master_password