[Eclipse SR2-Solved] Comment/Uncomment Not Working


This is the bug in Helios Service Release 2, Build id: 20110218-0911. This bug has been tracked here.

The comment/uncomment from shorcuts (Ctrl + /) and from menu (Source > Toggle Comment) does not working.
After some research, I found the solution. There is a patch.

Step 1

All we have to do is download three files




Step 2

Paste these files in eclipse/plugins/
Paste Folder Location

Step 3

Now, restart eclipse with -clean switch i.e. “E:\Softwares\eclipse\eclipse\eclipse.exe -clean”.

Eclipse Clean Switch

This fix worked for me and hope works for you as well.

Update : Url mentioned above are no longer accessible from sourceforge.net but they are still available on url Yes, I also found the links are missing. They might have been deleted from the sourceforge.net.

You can access all the files from http://download.eclipse.org/tools/pdt/updates/2.2/milestones/plugins/

Use search feature provided by browser to locate the url exactly. I was able to find all the files mentioned in my above post.


4 Replies to “[Eclipse SR2-Solved] Comment/Uncomment Not Working”

    1. I haven’t verified them yet. I have all the patch files will put them online soon. But I don’t know exactly why it was removed from sourceforge.net

      Anyway will put download link to the patch file soon. Currenlty I am using my new laptop and all the patch files happen to be on the older laptop that I don’t use anymore.

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