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My Vector Illustrations

Here is the my second vector Illustration. Well, I had some time for myself and I was on windows, so I fired up Illustrator and gave try myself a vectorization and final output is here. Well not bad indeed, it’s better than my first illustration.

If you are curious she is one of my friends, and still you can see the vector is incomplete she is missing her hands. I became somewhat lazy here.

Vector Illustrations Snapshot

These persons always inspire me to keep with graphics

Abhijit (http://abizitart.blogspot.com/)
Vinay Sharma (Director-www.sparctech.com.np/)
Kishor Kundan (Lead Programmer-www.sparctech.com.np/)
Anada Kumar Mahajarn (Nepal based CSS, Graphic Designer, http://www.anandakm.com.np)

Please do leave your feedback and comments.

My First Illustrations

I have recently been trying Adobe Illustrator for fun and for some graphic knowledge and after some basic tutorials of rectangle, cirlcles, eclipse, graident, reflect tool. I tried to make a wallpaper for myself and this is what I came up with.

My Illustrations

I think it’s not bad, There much more to improve, As you can see the lines in right bottom, that was not in actual design, It actually appeared when I saved it in png, I don’t know the answer may be some of your gyz have answer to it.

Hoping to post more illustrations here soon.