Increase battery life of your laptop


I have just bought a new laptop and I am very conscious about accessories of my laptop. Especially I was concerned about the life of my laptop’s battery. So I made some explorations and found some general facts and simple rules and experimented versions from different people that claim to maintain the health of laptop battery. Here are some of the general rules, that I think works for most of the people.

  1. Do not overcharge your laptop battery.
  2. Do not regularly recharge your laptop battery. People are often seemed to recharge laptop battery when the battery goes below 30%-20%. But recharging battery frequently would only decrease the efficiency of laptop battery and also decrease the life of your laptop battery.
  3. Peoridically drain your laptop battery until it discharge totally upto 5% or something near. And then recharge it again but without using any software. Or without actually using the laptop. In other words, recharge the battery in shutdown mode.
  4. To preserve the charge of your laptop, you can put your laptop to sleep when not in use. You can also put your laptop to sleep when you think you have to use your laptop frequently.
  5. Wireless card, bluetooth, LAN card consumes the most of the battery charge so when plug is unplugged, when not in use, disable them or turn them off. Doing so will prevent the wastage of battery charge.

Although I cannot suggest or recommend you to fully trust these guidelines, however doing so ensures your battery life. If anything happens to your laptop or to your laptop battery following these guidelines, I will not be responsible for that.

Have funs, have a nice day ahead.