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iPhone4 Continuous vibration, iphone black screen

My friend has a iPhone4 and today very strange problem appeared in his cell. He received a call and when he tried to receive the call, suddently iPhone black screen appeared and started to vibrate continuously. He had no idea what caused the problem. Then for few minutes tried to google and search the solution and then suddently I hit an idea and tried a solution which worked fine after that iPhone hasn’t shown any such problem.


1. Hold the power button (at top) and home button simultaneously for few seconds (around 10 seconds).
2. After few seconds, After iphone black screen, you will see apple logo in the screen and then iPhone will be function as before, as if normal.

Some people in forum reported that continuous vibration will drain your battery and then phone will be powered off automatically. After that you can recharge it normally and start again as normal.

Hope it helps someone. :)

Online Webpages to Pdf

I like reading ebooks in my spare time, and whenever I find something new in web that interest me, I save it read later on my free times. But I rather than saving the whole webpage, I always wished to saved in in format that is compatible for reading view and also for portability. Saving a whole webpage always creates the extra folder and saves css, js, images and all html files, which I try to ignore as much as possible.

After some research for tools, I found some useful online services that fulfills my requirements and thus I am sharing them here so that it is useful for others willing to save webpages as pdf format.

I have tried the following two services Joliprint.com and PdfMyUrl.com. Both are free and serve great. But as a programmer, designer I mostly save the pages with codes and especially from sites like smashing magazine, nettuts etc. To, choose between the two services, I made a simple test. I tried the url,http://bit.ly/hAjNWA with both of above services and found that PdfMyUrl.com service was pleasing, it is able to save the formatting of the page thus preserving the layout, whereas Joliprint.com messed up the settings and layout of the page and saved it in its own format layout. Since I wanted to preserve the layout and code formatting I liked PdfMyUrl.com. Joliprint is best suited for pdfs without coding, for reading stories, essays, thesis etc. But it totally depends on ones test.

Here is the quick review of both services, see the difference in filesize:

Tested with url : http://www.smashingmagazine.com/2011/03/30/how-to-use-css3-pseudo-classes/

Result with Joliprint ( size : 651.76 KB )

Joliprint Pdf Sample
↑ Code is broken, See in right column for the sample code, which has been treated as regular text.

Result with PdfMyUrl ( 1.73 MB )

PdfMyUrl Pdf Sample


Hope this review was helpful for you choosing the right online webpage to pdf converter. Please comment if there are like these services, which you think is better then these.