Turn off function parameter hints in PHPStorm2017.1

PHPStorm2017.1 has introduced a new feature *function parameter hints* and it’s quite helpful. However, once you have too many parameter in function it starts to get too distracting. So, here is how you can turn it off.

Turn off parameter hints in PHPStorm2017.1

  1. Open Settings
  2. Type parameter name hints in search box
  3. Click Appearance, uncheck “Show parameter name hints” to hide all hints
  4. Click Configure to configure specific methods only. When you click it, you get another window “Configure Parameter Name Hints”.
  5. In Configure Parameter Name Hints window place cursor to the last line and enter your method. e.g. __construct(*) to hide hints for constructors in PHP

Hope it helps you. If you have comments or queries please post them on comments.


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