[Solved] Multiple dex files define Lcom/google/ads/AdRequest$ErrorCode

This error usually is caused when a same library is referenced more than once in gradle build configurati The solution is very simple we’ve to remove the plugin that is causing the conflict. Issue the below provided two commands one after other. Change the current directory to the ionic project and then issue the below … Continue reading “[Solved] Multiple dex files define Lcom/google/ads/AdRequest$ErrorCode”

[How To] Add Genymotion to Ubuntu Dash Menu

At First create a genymotion.desktop file in usr/share/applications/ folder. Then copy and paste the below contents into genymotion.desktop file. In above file, I have created symbolic link to my genymotion in “/usr/local/bin/genymotion”. I have installed genymotion in “/media/BACKUP/genymotion/” thus my command to create symbolic link to genymotion is: Now, change the “Icon” to point to … Continue reading “[How To] Add Genymotion to Ubuntu Dash Menu”

Access Jekyll server running inside vagrant box

By default Jekyll listens for request coming from localhost only. We have to configure Jekyll to accept incoming requests outside of localhost. Use command provided below to start Jekyll server : [sourcecode] $ Jekyll server –watch –host [/sourcecode] The trick here is to use –host which tell Jekyll to accept all incoming connections. … Continue reading “Access Jekyll server running inside vagrant box”

[Solved] How to deploy php app to heroku from windows

I am fulltime linux user and parttime windows user. Lately I have started working with windows for some project stuffs. I found windows quite frustating and limited to what linux provided me. Well it’s all personal feelings. I always hated unnecessary installations of extra applications for the same tools which most of the linux distributions … Continue reading “[Solved] How to deploy php app to heroku from windows”