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Find visitor’s country using his ip address

I have created a small php class that parses the IP2country.csv file and finds the visitor’s country using his ip address. Installations: First download the latest ip address database from http://software77.net/geo-ip/ In right sidebar you will see Download, Select IPV4 CSV (gz). Here you can also download .zip file Then download the file. Place the … Continue reading “Find visitor’s country using his ip address”

Find computer system model in windows7

At first click in windows logo button (start) then click in searchbox type “system information” as shown below. Then click in the system information.You will get a system refreshing information, wait for a while. After system information has been loaded completely. Select “System Summary” on the left pane and in right pane “System Manufacturer, System … Continue reading “Find computer system model in windows7”