[Solved] Heroku- permission denied (publickey)

While trying to clone a git repository from the heroku I got the problem as shown in the screenshot below:: which mentions … … Permission denied (publickey). fatal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly After few googling, Then I found that I had to re-upload my public keys to heroku using the command listed below. … Continue reading “[Solved] Heroku- permission denied (publickey)”

Unblock disabled wireless card in Ubuntu

I have got broadcom wireless card installed in my Ubuntu Box and it works fine. But lately I found a very strange problem. All of a sudden, It stopped working. I mean I couldn’t turn it on anyway, It always appeared as disabled. I tried uninstalling the driver and re-install of the driver, it seemed … Continue reading “Unblock disabled wireless card in Ubuntu”

Install Instantbird in ubuntu11.10 with unity/docky launcher

I have been longtime user of Pidgin and liked it very much. But recenlty I was having problem with it. It was frequently breaking up the connections and dropping my messages. So, I had to look for alternatives and found instantbird and gave it try. It multimessenger client so you can be online in multiple … Continue reading “Install Instantbird in ubuntu11.10 with unity/docky launcher”