PHP Console
This is very lite console for PHP. The original concept and credit goes to Mr. Ranjan Shrestha ( The original PHP console was made using PHP and Google Web Toolkit (GWT) and had the features of keyboard navigation using (up/down) keys.

I just tried to clone the PHP Console but with PHP and jQuery. So, it has still bugs. It doesn’t handle the error nicely. But it still fulfill the purpose it was made for that is make life easier with programming and debugging the short PHP function calls.

Besides, It  has many other benefits. I use this tool so often to test the quick functionality that are available in PHP (for eg. substr(), printf(), sprintf() etc.).  We all remember and we still create a small file of php whenever we have to test some code or logic in php. With PHP-Console we can directly implement our idea. This has really been handy for me. It has made my day to day job so easy. There are times when I have to encode, decode md5(), sha1() codes and I have to do it so often and PHP console have been very nice tool for those purpose.

Download the source from github

[sourcecode language=”bash”]git clone[/sourcecode]

See demonstration in youtube :

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