Easy way to Import Project to Eclipse workspace

There was this situation where I had to import my non-eclipse project to eclipse environment. I tried to import with the regular eclipse way Import → General → File System. But It required the empty project existing into the eclipse environment. So, I always had problems with it. Then, I accidently found a newer way to import … Continue reading “Easy way to Import Project to Eclipse workspace”

[Review] Eclipse (Helios) Vertical Selection Feature

I have been using Eclipse as an IDE for JAVA and PHP for almost every project that I have done so far. And yet always there is room for exploration in Eclipse IDE. And today I am going to review a latest feature that has been added to the Eclipse, The feature is known as … Continue reading “[Review] Eclipse (Helios) Vertical Selection Feature”

Minor Project SMS Banking in Java

SMS Banking Projects and Locus We (Asee and Me )have kept stall in LOCUS (http://locus.ioe.edu.np) Room no. 304 and getting nice feedback from the visitors. Our presentation went good and judges seemed to be happy. Volunteers were really very helpful and co-ordination was impressive. Today I knew why IOE students are good, because they have … Continue reading “Minor Project SMS Banking in Java”