[Solved] Mount of root filesystem failed – Ubuntu

I `dist-upgrade` my system yesterday. And there were few issues with locale package with my terminal. I manually edited the file `/etc/default/locale` and in hasty copy pasted the few codes found online at (http://askubuntu.com/questions/33025/locale-settings-are-not-right-how-can-i-reset-them). I then saved and restarted my laptop to see the changes. Bang ! I began to receive the error. [sourcecode language=”bash”] … Continue reading “[Solved] Mount of root filesystem failed – Ubuntu”

Introduction to drush for drupal development

What is drush ? Drush is very popular and useful tool for drupal developers. It provides us shell access to the drupal commands and functions which otherwise had to be accessed using the menus provided in the drupal administration. It helps us to enable/disable modules, installs ¬†dependency modules automatically, manage users, permissions etc. For complete … Continue reading “Introduction to drush for drupal development”

[Solved] Propel with CodeIgniter – Fatal error: Undefined class constant ‘Tablename::PEER’

When we have the name collision i.e. name of Propel generated and CodeIgniter Controller class are same then this error occurs. Fatal error: Undefined class constant ‘Users::PEER’ in /media/htdocs/htdocs/project/application/libraries/propel/runtime/lib/query/ModelCriteria.php on line 68 The error occured to me because I had the same name for the Propel generated “Users” Model class and I also had the … Continue reading “[Solved] Propel with CodeIgniter – Fatal error: Undefined class constant ‘Tablename::PEER’”

[Solved] Heroku- permission denied (publickey)

While trying to clone a git repository from the heroku I got the problem as shown in the screenshot below:: which mentions … … Permission denied (publickey). fatal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly After few googling, Then I found that I had to re-upload my public keys to heroku using the command listed below. … Continue reading “[Solved] Heroku- permission denied (publickey)”