[Solved] Codeigniter session expires frequently

I was working in a Codeigniter project and when I hit refresh button (F5) continuously, My application session was expiring frequently. I googled for a while and found the simple solution. A solution is to increase the amount of time for the session_time_to_update in codeigniter config. Since I won’t be updating session frequently. I am … Continue reading “[Solved] Codeigniter session expires frequently”

My experiences/views on drupal development (module/theme)

Hello I am from Nepal and we have very few drupal developers (module/theme) here. I usually am focused in drupal module developement so had average knowledge of drupal theme development But recently I threw myself a challenge to work in drupal theming to test my skills. I decided to do everything i.e. from PSD to … Continue reading “My experiences/views on drupal development (module/theme)”

[How to] General Introduction and Installation of Limesurvey

If you don’t know what limesurvey is? – Limesurvey is a great opensource survey application. It has been widely used by many big industries to create the survey tasks. It has many powerful features like creating dynamic fields for survey. Supports multilingual, defines userroles, user groups and the more it has been integrated into various … Continue reading “[How to] General Introduction and Installation of Limesurvey”

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Find visitor’s country using his ip address

I have created a small php class that parses the IP2country.csv file and finds the visitor’s country using his ip address. Installations: First download the latest ip address database from http://software77.net/geo-ip/ In right sidebar you will see Download, Select IPV4 CSV (gz). Here you can also download .zip file Then download the file. Place the … Continue reading “Find visitor’s country using his ip address”