Comment Not Working

My comment form is not working, It always returns the ‘Please verify your comment’ Will fix that soon. I upgraded my wordpress3.0 to WordPress 3.1.1. and it simply solved my problem. Thanks to Darjo for informing me about the comment Link to Review.

Until then Uploading was real pain for me, it was breaking time to time and I had to resume it again. Thanks to net2ftp, It has got feature that lets us extract zipped file in server side, that was very handy for me.

Now you can use regular comment form for sending comments/feedbacks to me.

For comments and Feedback
Please email me in samundra {dot}shr {at} gmail {dot} com.

Thank you all for your support and feedbacks, expecting them more, keep them flowing.

4 Replies to “Comment Not Working”

  1. strike that got it workin along with febe, tiny url generator and a few more thanks for this treeemendous

  2. the ff4 add on hack works with some but cannot get it to work with photobucket , i since removed the photobucket add on to get back to default .rdf but ff4 wont let me install it and all ur links to the extension packs are dead

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