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Using Kind to experiment with Kubernetes multinode setup

I have been using Minikube for all of my Kubernetes experiments. It is great for begineers to experiment with Kubernetes. It provides the single node, single cluster setup that is more than enough for starters. As we get more and more familiar with Kubernetes it start to feel lacking on multinode setup. Recently, I had to play with multiple nodes for experiments. Thus, I was looking for a new tool that will allow me to setup multi-node multi-cluster setup. I heard about Kind from a good friend. With Kind we can create multicluster, multinode setup for Kubernetes.

[Solved] FFmpeg error while resizing video

I faced this error while trying to resize 2k video to 1080p. Command that gave error: Error received Solution: Explanation At somepoint of homebrew upgrade it updated some dependencies of ffmpeg and left it in unstable state by breaking symlinks. After re-installing tesseract whose symlink was broken got repaired (probably) linked again with proper path. … Continue reading “[Solved] FFmpeg error while resizing video”

Rust development in Vscode

inlay hints for Rust development with Visual Studio Code

Visual studio code guidelines to turn OFF/ON inlay hints for Rust language. Some people prefer inlay hints while others find it confusing when not accustomed. This article shows you settings that can be configured in Visual Studio code for inlay Hints for Rust development. Though, article focuses on Rust same knowledge can be used for other programming languages too. Click on article title to know more about it.

VScode shell

Vscode Integrated Terminal closes immediately upon opening

I started facing this issue suddenly after vscode upgrades and resolved the issue by following approach. Follow these instruction one by one until it resolves the issue. You may have to restart your vscode multiple times during the process. I got /usr/local/bin/zsh after that I updated my SHELL to correct zsh see if anything is … Continue reading “Vscode Integrated Terminal closes immediately upon opening”