Skhd suddenly stopped working after upgrade

Skhd is a little utility software for MacOS that allows us to remap shortcuts for various actions. I updated yabai and suddenly my skhd stopped working.

First, we have to stop the currently running skhd process. We can do that with brew

[sourcecode language=”bash”]brew services stop skhd[/sourcecode]

After this we can run skhd in verbose mode with skhd -V

~ ᐅ skhd -V
skhd: successfully created pid-file..
skhd: secure keyboard entry is enabled by (5530) 'iterm2'! abort..

After googling around, I found out that on “iTerm” the “secure keyboard entry” was enabled somehow. Probably due to me hitting random keyboard shortcuts around enabled it at some point.

After this I disabled Secure Keyboard Entry from iTerm menu and skhd keyboard shortcuts started working again.



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