Easy steps to create apple id (apple account)

This is the basic guide on creating apple-id or say apple account freely. The apple account created this way can also be used as itunes account. This can be used to access apple store account. Sorry I was in too hurry to post this article, so couldn’t create screenshot. Forgive me for that.

1. At first if you are already signed into apple store with your device, then sign out now, before proceeding to next step.

Goto settings > Appstore > Signout (that's easy).

2. Now, Goto App store, search for any free application.

3. Tap to install it, when asked for the apple id, click in Create New Appstore ID

4. Just remember to select “United States” in the country, and enter the email address and the associated information.

5. Fill in your information, first name, last name etc. And set the security questions.

6. When you are asked to select the payment option, there you will find the option none. select this “None” option and move forward.

7. When you have filled every forms then you’ll be asked to verify your email address.

8. Finally verify your email address.

If you find the above process difficult, you might want to try this link.

Congratulations ! Now you have your own apple id.

If you find it confusing or you find it useful. Please comment below.

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    1. Hello Tyron,

      The email id that you used for creating apple id receives the verfication email. And Please be sure that you followed all the steps exactly mentioned in the article. And confirm that you actually have been sent the verfication email. In the last stage you get a confirmation email saying that a verfication email has been sent into your account.


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