Fix Genymotion virtual devices start error

Recently I was doing some work on hybrid mobile app development. In past days I used windows for mobile app development particular Android Development with Android Studio on Android.

This time I was running Ubuntu and installed Genymotion. Created virtual devices and I encountered issue which reported that “Virtualbox was somehow unable to assign IP to virtual device” and always linked me to this Genymotion FAQ (!/support?chapter=collapse-nostart#faq). I tried every possible way to get rid of this problem. Tried solution given in the above page. After many failed attempts finally got the solution.

1. Disable firewall (ufw)
[sourcecode language=”bash”]$ sudo ufw disable
$ sudo service ufw stop

2. Configure the Network Interface in vitualbox as shown in below screenhosts.
Host only networks

Configure Adapter - 1

Enable Server

Match your settings as shown in above screenshots. Save the settings and re-start the Genymotion virtual devices. Wait for few seconds and it should start to show up.

if you have any confusions drop your comments.


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  1. Adding these rules to your UFW firewall is probably preferable if you used firewall out of your own volition:
    sudo ufw allow from to
    sudo ufw allow out from to

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