What is computer virus ?

Computer virus are the computer programs, that run in our computer without our knowledge or intention. They run in background, hiding themselves silently in computer, consuming CPU (computer’s processing speed), Memory Space. Since they run in computer silently, our computer become slow.

How to know your computer is affected with virus ?

Symptoms :

  • Computer run slowly then as usual, we can feel it.
  • You will have the same file or folder with same name as folder. Let’s say, we have a folder named tutorial then if you find another folder again named tutorial then you might be infected with virus, that create folder inside folder. Actually It is a computer program that is programmed to do so.
  • File named autorun.inf in root of each drive, for e.g. if you have c: and d:. Then you’ll have c:\autorun.inf or d:\autorun.inf. Just to confirm, open notepad and click file > open then give filename as c:\autorun.inf
  • If you have some file having .vbs extension.
  • CPU usuage is very high then as usual.

How to protect your computer from viruses ?

  • The most and foremost, do not open any email from anonymous sender, unless you trust them.
  • Do not open pendrive directly with double click.

How to open pendrive, infected with computer virus ?

  1. Right click on the pendrive, click on explore.

Opening pendrive this way will prevent your computer being infected from virus. After opening the pendrive, You can select the autorun.inf file and delete it. Then Select all files with extension .vbs and delete them too. You have to enable show all hidden files options to see autorun.inf and .vbs files because they are hidden.