[How-To] Solve Dropdown Menu (select) does not work with React

I had this dropdown code. At first, nothing looks wrong with below code. But no matter what I do, the defaultValue wasn’t being set in the select options.

  onChange={e => props.onChange(parseInt(e.currentTarget.value))}
  <option value="">-- กรุณาเลือก Game Set --</option>
  {props.gameSets.map((gameSet: SetAsOption) => (
    <option key={gameSet.name} value={`${gameSet.id}`}>

After fiddling around and doing a google search I came across the simple solution.

Change the defaultValue to value. And it worked perfectly.

For now, it’s working fine and happy with it. When, I have sometime, I will try to fiddle around and find why it works with only value and not with defaultValue.