[How to] Get Virtual CD-ROM in Ubuntu Lucid Lynx

I wanted to mount .iso files in Ubuntu Lucid Lynx 10.04. In windows I used Virtual CD-ROMs. Then, I searched for the similar for linux and found some helpful commands that does the same job. have also found GUI for that command. GUI was developed using Python and Glade. Lets install Virtual CD-ROM in our linux box. There are nothing but commands, I love them.

Open your terminal and type the following commands, The first command creates the directory fakecd, and second command mounts cd.iso to the directory we recently created other commands are there just to make our life easier. 😀

asee@asee-hp:~$ mkdir fakecd
asee@asee-hp:~$ sudo mount cd.iso fakecd -o loop

where cd.iso is your cd image and fakecd the directory where you want your ‘virtual cd’ be.

If the above fails :
asee@asee-hp:~$ sudo modprobe loop
asee@asee-hp:~$ sudo mount /<path_to_iso> /<mount_point> -t iso9660 -o loop

To reset the changes you made, simply use the command below

asee@asee-hp:~$ umount /<mount_point>

All this command does is unmounts the mount point you set, using previous mount command.

Have Funs ! Enjoys Games. If you want to share CD-ROMs in network better create Virtual CD-ROMs and share it. It increases data transfer much higher then physical CD-ROMs.

Are you looking for GUI for above command, its called gmountiso. To Dowload gmountiso type

asee@asee-hp:~$ sudo apt-get install gmountiso

Below is the screenshot of GmountISO

Have a nice day.

Source : http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-128039.html