MLTR live concert in Nepal

MLTR (Michael Learns to Rock) just finished their live concert in Nepal, which was really awesome. It was cold and all fans were enjoying the songs.

First 45 minutes me and my friend was searching for the ticket counter, which turned out to be on the opposite side of the main road, infront of the Kathmandu Mall. We bought 2 Golden tickets, which costs us Rs. 4000 (Rs. 2000 each). There was tight security for the MLTR members, so it could be said that APF (Armed Police Force) were doing their duty at their full capability.

There were three separate entrance gate, Platinum (Rs. 2500), Gold (Rs. 2000) and Silver (Rs. 1000). We entered through the entrance for Golden Gate. As we entered through the Golden Gate their were some checkings and in a minute we were in the Tudhikhel ground starting to sing the song, though I don’t know which song it was but I liked it. All of the songs there were around 3 songs that I liked the much which are someday, 25 Minutes, Breaking my heart.

We hadn’t camera this time with us so I missed the snaps this time. Though watching MLTR live has really made my day worth. The fans were not allowed to take the professional camera (DSLRs) but were allowed to take the digital cameras.

The music system was good but at some moment there were some chirpping sound which could be heard very clearly when there was no music.

The last song played by MLTR was someday, somewhere which all of us enjoyed very much then the show was announced as finished and all fans started to return back their home. There were taxi’s waiting for passengers and also there were heavy APF vehicles as well as Fire Brigade. Inside the Tudhikhel ground there was the arrangement for the electricity and foodstalls. Electricity backup was provided by the heavy generators and foodstalls were of several varities such as Newaries, Popcorn, water drinks etc. Though I didn’t find any stall for the heavy drinks etc. I saw people throwing the water bottles and papers here and there after use. There was no arrangement for the dustbins.

Technically the show was successfull. There were so many fans enjoying the moments with MLTR. The light system was good. The were two large screens for the people in Silver tickets. There was heavy APF security.