[Solved] Twitter API Changes breaking Hotot functionlity

Hotot is a very popular twitter client for Linux. It has also been ported to Mac, Windows. Below is very easy fix. This instruction is for Ubuntu only and may or may not work for other distributions of linux but you can always tweak the installations and hotot has got very nice documentation on installation here. At first remove the previous installation of hotot.

[sourcecode lang=”bash”]$ sudo apt-get remove hotot[/sourcecode]

Download the latest source of hotot repository.
[sourcecode lang=”bash”]git clone https://github.com/lyricat/Hotot.git Hotot-master[/sourcecode]

Once download is complete. cd into the hotot directory

[sourcecode lang=”bash”]cd Hotot-master[/sourcecode]
Cd into hotot directory Create a new directory for creating build mkdir build cd build Once you are inside the build directory. Pass the command

[sourcecode lang=”bash”]cmake ..[/sourcecode]
cmake .. While issuing this command you might get error reporting the missing qt dependencies. You can then just compile bypassing the qt dependency by issuing below command. Below is the error that you might receive.You will get the error as shown below.
qt dependency error

[sourcecode lang=”bash”]cmake .. -DWITH_QT=off[/sourcecode]
Then bypass qt dependency as shown :
install withouth qt After then you can use the below commands one by one to install.

[sourcecode lang=”bash”] sudo make install [/sourcecode]

After successfull installation you will get the screen as shown below.
Successfull installations

Now you can use hotot like before and it should work fine. If you still have problem using hotot then you can begin hotot with following command
[sourcecode lang=”bash”] hotot -d [/sourcecode] using terminal and report the issues in https://github.com/lyricat/Hotot/issues

Happy Tweeting

Thanks to https://github.com/Simounet @Simounet for pointing out the mistake the command should be sudo make install.

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  1. Samundra (or anyone with interest), I was wondering if I could get some help. I’m working on an assignment in my class working with changing image pixels based on a certain threshold. I noticed you wrote something on this subject back in 2010 and I was trying to use what you talked about in my code but was not working. I’ve tried asking TAs and my teacher but I feel like I’m missing vital info in order to do this. If you are interested in helping, please reply back! Thanks!

  2. By following this tutorial Hotot will likely install fine, but it will not very likely honour your proxy settings. At least not under Kubuntu. Whether it is a KDE issue or Hotot issue, i don’t know.

    This can be a potential security issue in some countries, since someone might be under the impression to tweet via a proxy, while in fact they aren’t.

    1. I haven’t yet tested the proxy settings, but I have found that the tweets longer than 140 characters won’t be posted automatically and will always be sent to draft, don’t know why. Earlier it used to get shorted and posted automatically. Missing this feature so badly.

    1. You are wrong, the reason is developers don’t get access to documentation and it becomes a pain to get things going. Go ask all those that had to reverse engineer drivers to get your wifi running or your video card

      1. I never have been able to get my wifi card to run under Linux. I’d like to support the concept of open source but I don’t have an entire day to spend installing a Twitter client

        1. I have already installed hotot twice and it has always been my favourite twitter client. So, installing Hotot is really easy and should be much of trouble, yes there are times when you have to resolve dependencies, but free even comes with some cost and here this means time πŸ™‚

        2. Did you ever wonder why that wifi dosen’t work? The company makes a card makes drivers for Windows and forgets about the rest. Linux developers ask for information and they either give them a contract where they can’t say anything (so no open source drivers) or simple ignores them. The hotot developer is not a big company he has to do this on his own time or another developer has to pick up the job of fixing what twitter changed in the API, lucky Twitter will tell them what they did. You know what MS used to do with the Hotmail messenger? Change stuff not tell anyone and you would have the Pidgin guys having to listen to traffic to understand the changes. Sames goes with the OpenOffice guys everytime MS changed the format to keep others from being able to open a .doc format.
          They even tried to make “their format the standard” and then not let others know what the standards is.

          Or the time MS published the ACPI standard and then goes quietly changing stuff so wifi cards, suspend mode wouldnt work on Linux (then you wonder why each Laptop manufacturer had to make their own Wifi tihng to be able to conect)

          It is easy to blame Linux for the why stuff dosen’t work when they always have to play with a handicap, so hats off to all those developers that enable me and others to break free from the Big Company chains

        3. I don’t have an entire day fighting virsus scanners, defragging my filesystem, and disabling services at startup. To each their own.

    2. Hahahaha.

      So can you explain why it has the largest market share for servers in the datacenter, smartphones in your pocket, and embedded devices practically everywhere else?

  3. Thanks, worked like a charm. I had to install bot Cmake and another package though but that I figured out myself.

  4. I’d want to package this so it’s easier to manage. Is the process as simple as RPM?

  5. I may have spoke too soon. It runs, but now the “exit when window is closed” option fails and it’s minimizing to tray.
    Well, at least it works. Maybe the devs will come up with an official build.

  6. Worked for me! Had to install git, cmake, and intltool. Took about 4-5 minutes, and now hotot is working well.


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