Using Eclipse IDE for PHP

I have already written an article describing how we can use Eclipse IDE for JAVA, Now I am going to show you how we can use the same Eclipse IDE for PHP.

All we have to do is download the plugins for Eclipse and then integrate it to JAVA’s IDE. For you I have compressed the plugins for PHP. Dowload Link

Once you have downloaded the compressed folder. Extract it. You will get a folder having name feature. Now, copy that folder and then paste it in the same directory of Eclipse. See the screen shot below, you’ll have exactly the same folder structure. There you will already have the folder features.

Eclipse Folder Structure
Eclipse Folder Structure

When asked to merge select Yes. Then you’ll have a PHP Perspective in Eclipse IDE.

Q. How to confirm if PHP has been enabled in Eclipse IDE ?

A. Start Eclipse IDE, then Click Window > Open Perspective > Other. Then you’ll get a window similar to the one below.

Open Perspective
Open Perspective

As you can see in the above window. The PHP and PHP Debug are listed. This confirms that we have successfully integrated the PHP Perspective into Eclipse JAVA IDE. Now you can use the same Eclipse IDE for PHP programming too, and all the syntax highlighting, auto completion for PHP will work as it would work for JAVA.

If you already have Eclipse IDE for PHP and want to integrate JAVA into it, then just follow the process but this time get plugins for JAVA and copy-paste into Eclipse PHP IDE. And to confirm follow the same process as above and see if JAVA and JAVA Debug is listed or not.

Have a nice day folks,