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Using Kind to experiment with Kubernetes multinode setup

I have been using Minikube for all of my Kubernetes experiments. It is great for begineers to experiment with Kubernetes. It provides the single node, single cluster setup that is more than enough for starters. As we get more and more familiar with Kubernetes it start to feel lacking on multinode setup. Recently, I had to play with multiple nodes for experiments. Thus, I was looking for a new tool that will allow me to setup multi-node multi-cluster setup. I heard about Kind from a good friend. With Kind we can create multicluster, multinode setup for Kubernetes.

[Solved] Disable vscode statusbar flashes in Vim modes

It applies to VIM users only. In standalone Vim we can toggle statusbar color based on which VIM mode we are in. In Vscode, it’s the same exact feature. I found it distracting as it keeps changing color. I made changes to my settings and forgot that I had also enabled this particular setting. The … Continue reading “[Solved] Disable vscode statusbar flashes in Vim modes”