[How To] Uninstall IE8/9 (Windows)


Basic Introduction

Here is the basic instruction that you can follow to remove/uninstall windows programs Internet Explorer. In Windows XP, Vista it was quite easy. Well, Microsoft has changed the procedure for Windows7.

Below are the steps for windows 7, but the same process can be used for windows previous version of OS also. You will find the similar kind of menus. Just needs exploration.

Uninstall Internet Explorer 9 in Windows 7

  • Start → Control Panel
  • Change the View Mode to View By : Large Icons

Program and Features
Program and Features

  • Select, Program and Features
  • You will get a new window, In left side of the window, You will find a link Turn windows features on or off. Click on that Link (Screenshot Below)

    Turn Windows features On or Off
    Turn Windows features On or Off
  • In the Newly Opened Dialog Box (Screenshot Below)
    • You will find list of windows programs (installed/not installed both)
    • Uncheck the program you want to uninstall, in the confirmation dialog box shown select Ok
Check or Uncheck windows features
Check or Uncheck windows features
  • After this you will get a confirmation dialog, Select yes (Screenshot Below)

Finally you will get a progress dialog box (screenshot below). When everything is finished, the selected program is installed/uninstalled depending upon the choice you made.

Progress dialog box

Hope this was helpful for someone. Please drop comment if you have problem in following this walkthrough.

Have funs 🙂

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