[resolved] Cannot access /wp-admin or any other page after upgrade to 3.0 (23 posts)

If you are having the redirection loop problem while trying to access wp-admin then try this fix. change the permission of wp-admin/index.php to 755. If you have cpanel access then browse to file manager then browse to wp-admin. Then right click on index.php and then change permission and then uncheck Write checkbox Right click index.php … Continue reading “[resolved] Cannot access /wp-admin or any other page after upgrade to 3.0 (23 posts)”

Comment Not Working

My comment form is not working, It always returns the ‘Please verify your comment’ Will fix that soon. I upgraded my wordpress3.0 to WordPress 3.1.1. and it simply solved my problem. Thanks to Darjo for informing me about the comment Link to Review. Until then Uploading was real pain for me, it was breaking time … Continue reading “Comment Not Working”

[How To] Update .htaccess file manually

First of all you might wonder why there is period before the filename. In linux every file that begins with period are taken as hidden files and since .htaccess file is secret file it is hidden from everyone, as it seems to be. There’s nothing special on this.  Here I am going to write some … Continue reading “[How To] Update .htaccess file manually”

[Solved] WordPress Visual Editor Not Working or Not Appearing

This might be due to the broken ftp upload. Well Mine was due to the broken ftp uploads due to slow internet connection. When I faced this problem I went for usual solutions like checking If Visual Editor is Enable or not ( Users → Authors & Users ) Looking for options to enable Visual … Continue reading “[Solved] WordPress Visual Editor Not Working or Not Appearing”