[Solve] cannot find package “golang.org/x/net/html”

It means x/net/html package is missing from the Go’s import path. I am going to paraphrase from “The Go Programming” book that says, The golang.org/x/… repositories hold packages designed and maintained by Go team for applications such as networking, internationalized text processing, mobile platforms, image manipulation, cryptography, and developer tools. These packages are not in the standard library because they’re still under development or because they’re rarely needed by the majority of Go Programmers.

[HowTo] Change theme in vim

This is a walkthrough on how we can change the color theme in vi. Basically Colortheme in vi are placed in ~/.vim/colors folder by default. This path is configurable through vi configurations. For this post, we assume the folder is “~/.vim/colors”. We’ll use 256 color enabled color theme. So you’ll also need to enable 256 … Continue reading “[HowTo] Change theme in vim”

How to keep your forked repositories in sync with the source repository

This blog post aims to answer the following questions. How to contribute to Open Source Projects (Partially)? How to keep forked repositories in sync with the source repository ? How to pull the commits from source repository to the forked repository? I often forked open source repositories found in github and also commit back to … Continue reading “How to keep your forked repositories in sync with the source repository”

Nepal gets a new constitution 2072

CONSTITUTION of NEPAL 2072 Today, Nepal got its most awaited constitution 2072. Being Nepali this is proud moment for me and for all Nepalese. There has been clashes between political leaders, parties. Despite all the shortcomings they gave us the constitution 2072. I hadn’t expected the constitution would come so sooner.  Here is my facebook status. Congrats … Continue reading “Nepal gets a new constitution 2072”