Lost my previous posts from 2017

WHY THIS POST ? I used to post articles on various topics here and there. Back ago 6-7 months, I forgot to topup my account and kept ignoring the email from my hosting provider that ultimately led to my account being suspended then deleted from the server 🙁 I was occupied with regular tasks and … Continue reading “Lost my previous posts from 2017”

How to keep your forked repositories in sync with the source repository

This blog post aims to answer the following questions. How to contribute to Open Source Projects (Partially)? How to keep forked repositories in sync with the source repository ? How to pull the commits from source repository to the forked repository? I often forked open source repositories found in github and also commit back to … Continue reading “How to keep your forked repositories in sync with the source repository”

Access Jekyll server running inside vagrant box

By default Jekyll listens for request coming from localhost only. We have to configure Jekyll to accept incoming requests outside of localhost. Use command provided below to start Jekyll server : The trick here is to use –host which tell Jekyll to accept all incoming connections. Hope this helps someone hours of headbanging.

Walkthrough on remote access to Ubuntu14.04

I often access my ubuntu machine remotely and today I will be describing how I setup my machine to access it remotely from anywhere through internet. This is not a step by step guide rather it’s a kind of walkthrough and giving overview on how I knitted each bits and pieces to get the job … Continue reading “Walkthrough on remote access to Ubuntu14.04”