Install Instantbird in ubuntu11.10 with unity/docky launcher

I have been longtime user of Pidgin and liked it very much. But recenlty I was having problem with it. It was frequently breaking up the connections and dropping my messages. So, I had to look for alternatives and found instantbird and gave it try. It multimessenger client so you can be online in multiple … Continue reading “Install Instantbird in ubuntu11.10 with unity/docky launcher”

[Solved] Virtualbox Stopped working after ubuntu upgrade

If you don’t know what Virtualbox is you can read about it here. If you are familiar with VMWare (Virtualization Software). Its kind of similar to that for Linux. It is also available for windows as well. Now, back to the main problem. Recently I made upgrade from Lucid to Oneiric. This upgrade broke many … Continue reading “[Solved] Virtualbox Stopped working after ubuntu upgrade”

Linux::Convert Flv to Mp4

I have used this commad in Ubuntu 10.10 and should work on every ubuntu versions. If you don’t have ffmpeg package, Install it using command Remembers files converted this way may or may not work for some mobiles. For that you will need to tweak the 22050 portion and set something that will be played … Continue reading “Linux::Convert Flv to Mp4”