Unable to change account picture and lock screen background in windows8.1

It’s been a while I have been using Windows8.1 activated. I tried to change the account picture and lock screen background but to my surprise I could not change it. After researching a bit, I came to know that this issue was caused by the folder permissions issue in windows8.1. In order to change account … Continue reading “Unable to change account picture and lock screen background in windows8.1”

[Solved] Multiple dex files define Lcom/google/ads/AdRequest$ErrorCode

This error usually is caused when a same library is referenced more than once in gradle build configurati The solution is very simple we’ve to remove the plugin that is causing the conflict. Issue the below provided two commands one after other. Change the current directory to the ionic project and then issue the below … Continue reading “[Solved] Multiple dex files define Lcom/google/ads/AdRequest$ErrorCode”

[How To] Add Genymotion to Ubuntu Dash Menu

At First create a “genymotion.desktop” file in “usr/share/applications/” folder. Then copy and paste the below contents into “genymotion.desktop” file. [Desktop Entry] Encoding=UTF-8 Name=Genymotion Simulator Comment=Android Simulator fast and reliable GenericName=Genymotion Simulator Exec=/usr/local/bin/genymotion Terminal=false Type=Application Icon=/media/BACKUP/genymotion/icons/icon.png Categories=Application;Network;Internet; StartupWMClass=Genymotion StartupNotify=true In above file, I have created symbolic link to my genymotion in “/usr/local/bin/genymotion”. I have installed genymotion … Continue reading “[How To] Add Genymotion to Ubuntu Dash Menu”

Fix Genymotion virtual devices start error

Recently I was doing some work on hybrid mobile app development. In past days I used windows for mobile app development particular Android Development with Android Studio on Android. This time I was running Ubuntu and installed Genymotion. Created virtual devices and I encountered issue which reported that “Virtualbox was somehow unable to assign IP … Continue reading “Fix Genymotion virtual devices start error”