Xampp : Session Error

Below are the error in php due to session. This happens usually when server is unable to save the sessions data temporarily due to the improper path settings in session.save_path = “\xampp\tmp”. Solution is to set the session.savepath correctly to point to directory where server can find it easily. [php] Warning: session_start() [function.session-start]: open(\xampp\tmp\sess_nsvvoh9f5l55g063d7qka1lq72, O_RDWR) … Continue reading “Xampp : Session Error”

Using Eclipse IDE for PHP

I have already written an article describing how we can use Eclipse IDE for JAVA, Now I am going to show you how we can use the same Eclipse IDE for PHP. All we have to do is download the plugins for Eclipse and then integrate it to JAVA’s IDE. For you I have compressed … Continue reading “Using Eclipse IDE for PHP”

Unicode in PHP and MySql

While I was working with Nepali Unicode in PHP and MySql, I found difficulty in inserting Nepali into database. I made some explorations and found a way to deal with this. There are some basic things you need to be careful when working with Unicode, especially with database. The database itself should be encoded in … Continue reading “Unicode in PHP and MySql”