[Solved] Twitter API Changes breaking Hotot functionlity


Hotot is a very popular twitter client for Linux. It has also been ported to Mac, Windows. Below is very easy fix. This instruction is for Ubuntu only and may or may not work for other distributions of linux but you can always tweak the installations and hotot has got very nice documentation on installation here. At first remove the previous installation of hotot.

sudo apt-get remove hotot

Download the latest source of hotot repository.

git clone https://github.com/lyricat/Hotot.git Hotot-master

Once download is complete. cd into the hotot directory

cd Hotot-master

Cd into hotot directory Create a new directory for creating build mkdir build cd build Once you are inside the build directory. Pass the command

cmake ..

cmake .. While issuing this command you might get error reporting the missing qt dependencies. You can then just compile bypassing the qt dependency by issuing below command. Below is the error that you might receive.You will get the error as shown below.
qt dependency error

cmake .. -DWITH_QT=off

Then bypass qt dependency as shown :
install withouth qt After then you can use the below commands one by one to install.

 sudo make install 

After successfull installation you will get the screen as shown below.
Successfull installations

Now you can use hotot like before and it should work fine. If you still have problem using hotot then you can begin hotot with following command

 hotot -d 

using terminal and report the issues in https://github.com/lyricat/Hotot/issues

Happy Tweeting

Thanks to https://github.com/Simounet @Simounet for pointing out the mistake the command should be sudo make install.

[resolved] Cannot access /wp-admin or any other page after upgrade to 3.0 (23 posts)


If you are having the redirection loop problem while trying to access wp-admin then try this fix.

change the permission of wp-admin/index.php to 755.

If you have cpanel access then browse to file manager then browse to wp-admin. Then right click on index.php and then change permission and then uncheck Write checkbox

Right click index.php
Right click index.php

Change permission as shown in image below.
Change permissions

Save the changes, you have made and retry to access the wp-admin.

If this doesn’t work for you then you have to look for error_log file in the root of your public_html that should point you to the correct direction in solving this issue.