[Solved] How to deploy php app to heroku from windows

I am fulltime linux user and parttime windows user. Lately I have started working with windows for some project stuffs. I found windows quite frustating and limited to what linux provided me. Well it’s all personal feelings. I always hated unnecessary installations of extra applications for the same tools which most of the linux distributions … Continue reading “[Solved] How to deploy php app to heroku from windows”

[Solved] Netbeans- Long running project scan

I use Netbeans for my daily web development. Sometimes I have very huge projects working with SVN, Git Version Controls. And sometimes I use the symlinks in my document root and other project folders. So, you might be wondering why I am mentioning all these things here, So lets get to the point. Cause for … Continue reading “[Solved] Netbeans- Long running project scan”

[Solved] Mount of root filesystem failed – Ubuntu

I `dist-upgrade` my system yesterday. And there were few issues with locale package with my terminal. I manually edited the file `/etc/default/locale` and in hasty copy pasted the few codes found online at (http://askubuntu.com/questions/33025/locale-settings-are-not-right-how-can-i-reset-them). I then saved and restarted my laptop to see the changes. Bang ! I began to receive the error. [sourcecode language=”bash”] … Continue reading “[Solved] Mount of root filesystem failed – Ubuntu”

[Solved] Twitter API Changes breaking Hotot functionlity

Hotot is a very popular twitter client for Linux. It has also been ported to Mac, Windows. Below is very easy fix. This instruction is for Ubuntu only and may or may not work for other distributions of linux but you can always tweak the installations and hotot has got very nice documentation on installation … Continue reading “[Solved] Twitter API Changes breaking Hotot functionlity”