Minor Project SMS Banking in Java

SMS Banking Projects and Locus We (Asee and Me )have kept stall in LOCUS (http://locus.ioe.edu.np) Room no. 304 and getting nice feedback from the visitors. Our presentation went good and judges seemed to be happy. Volunteers were really very helpful and co-ordination was impressive. Today I knew why IOE students are good, because they have … Continue reading “Minor Project SMS Banking in Java”

Using Eclipse IDE for PHP

I have already written an article describing how we can use Eclipse IDE for JAVA, Now I am going to show you how we can use the same Eclipse IDE for PHP. All we have to do is download the plugins for Eclipse and then integrate it to JAVA’s IDE. For you I have compressed … Continue reading “Using Eclipse IDE for PHP”

Threshold Image Java Code

Here is the code, that I wrote to threshold the image at required level. Thresholding image is very easy. At first you have to grab pixel of each red, green and blue and then sum then together then find the average. Check that against some threshold. That is all. So, talking politely. These are the … Continue reading “Threshold Image Java Code”