[How To] Uninstall IE8/9 (Windows)

Basic Introduction Here is the basic instruction that you can follow to remove/uninstall windows programs Internet Explorer. In Windows XP, Vista it was quite easy. Well, Microsoft has changed the procedure for Windows7. Below are the steps for windows 7, but the same process can be used for windows previous version of OS also. You … Continue reading “[How To] Uninstall IE8/9 (Windows)”

Find ip address of websites

Easy way to find ip address of websites in windows. We can use windows nslookup command to view the ip address of the websites we desire. try this command c:\>nslookup www.hotmail.com You’ll see the following output DNS request timed out. timeout was 2 seconds. Server:  UnKnown Address: Non-authoritative answer: Name:    origin.mail.live.com Addresses: … Continue reading “Find ip address of websites”

How to Protect Computer From Viruses (Autorun.inf, Recycler)

What is computer virus ? Computer virus are the computer programs, that run in our computer without our knowledge or intention. They run in background, hiding themselves silently in computer, consuming CPU (computer’s processing speed), Memory Space. Since they run  in computer silently, our computer become slow. How to know your computer is affected with … Continue reading “How to Protect Computer From Viruses (Autorun.inf, Recycler)”